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So, I'm not really active on this website anymore, and I'm giving my groups away to someone who's willing to take them. Hopefully The new leader will keep the group actually active, lol.

This group has been around for 4 years, but hasn't been active since it first opened. If anyone is willing to take over the group, I'll be happy to hand the throne over to you and you can do what you please with the group :)

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Phineas Flynn X Reader (Episode Roller Coaster)Phineas Flynn X Reader 001 (Episode Roller Coaster)
Phineas and Ferb were sitting under the oak tree which rested in the middle of their back yard.  Ferb quietly read a book while Phineas had his hands behind his head and a very bored expression on his face, Next to Ferb their pet Platypus laid whose name was Perry.
“So, Ferb” Ferb turned his attention from his book to his half-brother “what do you wanna do today?” Phineas asked. Ferb merely shrugged and turned his attention back towards his book.
“What about Perry, what does he want to do?” Phineas asked, even in his voice Ferb could hear his boredom. Ferb turned his head towards their pet who chattered in response.
“Well, he's a platypus, they don't do much.” Phineas also glanced towards the platypus before staring towards nothing in particular like before.
“I for one, am starting to get bored, and boredom is something of up with which I will not put!” He pointed his finger
Inventor Extraordinaire by KicsterAsh when worlds collide by chlorofilla Milkshake Bar by dragonwolfgirl1234 Don't Dodge ThisIt was another nice day as Phineas and Ferb sat underneath their tree in the backyard.
"You know Ferb, the days of summer are getting shorter and shorter....though some would argue that it seems to have gone on a little longer. It makes me think about stuff we'd do in school again. But you know, if there's one thing I like about school, it's P.E., and what I love about P.E. is dodge ball. You can't beat a good old game of dodge ball. But you can improve on it. But how? Think with me here bro." Phineas said as he held his brother close by his side and they both thought.
Phineas then looked down at how close he and Ferb were standing.
"Hey, why not three-legged dodge ball? It's more difficult, but it's fun with friends." Phineas suggested to Ferb who gave a thumbs up.
"Great, Ferb, I know what we're going to do today. Hey where's Perry?" Phineas asked looking around.
Perry, their platypus, was in the kitchen and opened up one of the cupboards to see a normal cupboard, but when he closed




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